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哈友社区 HYE 介绍

好消息:现在开始,邀请朋友 可自动获得 100HYE


Hayoou Friends of the community is a future intelligent community at the same time self-built a perfect Internet and offline service system for the distribution of members of the community in the country independently provide security, the Internet, entertainment, food and even community town community can experience the future Cultural atmosphere, high-end, elegant lifestyle and natural environment.

To serve as a community for Hayoou Friends, we will create a series of customized products and projects around high-end community members to promote community technology / efficiency development. We must fully absorb high-caliber, high-learning and high-motivated elites to exert their boundless creativity in an infinite boundary area.Community in the online video, culture, online video storage, automatic summary, WeChat assistant, business mailbox, UAV, virtual friends and other directions to do some exploration. And connect community products to social life, hoping to provide a new generation of engines for social development. 

Website is: 

Registration invitation code: hayoouAI


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